Win $10 (N5,000) Cash this April 2022 on RayMiner – See How

Win $10 (N5,000) Cash this April 2022 on RayMiner – See How

What is RayMiner?

RayMiner is a free crypto mining website where you can easily mine and earn new and soon to be launched cryptocurrencies for free using any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


How to Win $10 (N5,000)

The RayMiner user who refers the highest number of new members this April 2022 will win a cash prize of $10 (or 5,000 Naira) which they can withdraw immediately.

To win this prize, you need to be the Top Referrer i.e the user through whose link the highest number of new users registered for that month.

You should also try to ensure that the persons you refer are active in using the platform to mine.

It is forbidden to refer yourself or to have multiple accounts.

NOTE: Top referrers are different from Top promoters. Top promoters are the people with the highest visits on their link whether the visitors register or not.

But Top Referrers only counts those visits where the visitor also registers a new RayMiner account.

The more you promote your links, the higher the probability of getting new referral sign ups and becoming the Top Referrer.


How Does RayMiner work?

Mining is free and automatic on and all what is needed is for you to log in to the website at least once a day and click or tap a few buttons to claim what has been mined for you. You also earn crypto when you share your referral links to refer people to visit the platform or to register. Click here for full details on how RayMiner works.


Who Can Join RayMiner?

Anybody 16 years and above from any country can join. You must also have either a Facebook account or a Google or Yahoo email account. This is what you will use to connect and log in to the platform.


How Much to Join? Any Hidden Fees?

Joining is completely free. Mining is completely free. No hidden fees.


What do I Need to Start?

You can do it on any smart mobile device or laptop computer (or desktop). All you need is a supported internet browser. Supported internet browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


What Browser Should I NOT Use?

Any browser that blocks ads or cookies by default CAN NOT be used. Some include, Brave, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. click here for more information on what browsers are not supported.


Do I Need to Install any App or Buy any Equipment?



Will I Have to Pay for Anything Later?

No, Everything is free. All you need to do is to register and start claiming your mined crypto daily.


Do I Need to be Online All the Time?

No. You only need to be online whenever you want to claim your rewards. Mining goes on automatically whether you are online or not, whether you are on the website or not and whether you are logged in or not.


What Happens if I Miss a Day?

No new crypto will be mined until you claim the ones that have already been mined for that day. So if you miss a day, nothing bad will happen to your account but you will not earn any new crypto hence your earnings will be reduced.


How to Register on RayMiner

Registering is free, very easy and takes less than a minute.

All you need is a Facebook or Google or Yahoo account that you have access to. Then follow the steps below to register:

STEP 1: Visit the following link:

STEP 2: Look for any buttons that say Connect (there are three buttons, one for Facebook, one for Google and one for Yahoo). If you can’t find these buttons, click here or click Login from the menu.

STEP 3: Click on the relevant button for the network that you want to register with (if you want to use Facebook then click on Connect with Facebook. If you want to use your Google instead then click on the Google button. Same goes for Yahoo.). Any network you register with is what you will be using to access your RayMiner account in the future.

STEP 4: After clicking you may be asked to login to the connecting network if you are not already logged in.

STEP 5: After successful login, a popup may appear from the connecting network asking for authorization and confirmation, accept and allow the authorization.

STEP 6: Next you will be asked to select a username which you want to use on RayMiner. In most cases, a suggestion will already be prefilled for you based on your username on the connecting network. If you wish to use something else, delete it and type in a new one.

If the name is already existing (i.e is already in use by another user), you may get an error. In such a case you could add numbers to the end of your chosen username or select something else entirely.

STEP 7: After selecting a username, click on Register. If the username is accepted, you will be registered and automatically redirected to a new page with explanation of how RayMiner works. Read the page carefully to understand how the platform works, how to mine and what you need to be doing to earn.

STEP 8: That’s all! Now you can be on your way to millions. The earlier you start the better.

STEP 9: Visit the links below to learn more about :


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