BEWARE: Npower-List Bid is a Fake Npower Shortlist Portal for Batch C 2020 #Npower

Please share this post massively so that people will be aware.

Has Npower shortlisted candidates for Batch C 2020 been released?

No, not yet.The npower list of successful applicants 2020 is not yet out as of today 11 Nov 2020.

Beware of Fake Npower sites in circulation.

In the last few days some false information being shared on social media claims that the Npower List of shortlisted Batch C 2020 candidates portal has been released and a link was also provided in the message.

This information has now been confirmed to be false as the list is not yet out as at the time of this report.

The fake link is called

When you click on the link you are asked to enter your phone number for verification. On submitting your phone number you are then told that you have been selected.

Please tell everyone you know not to click on the link and that the information is false.

On no account also should you enter your phone number there too because it goes straight to scammers who could use it for nefarious purposes.

If you have already filled the form then don’t worry much but just be very careful especially if you receive any message or contact telling you that you were selected or won something.

Most importantly never give out sensitive information like bank PINs, BVN, OTP, passwords and don’t send money to anyone who may contact you relating to winning or being selected for something, whether related to npower or not.

If you already filled in or gave out any of this sensitive information then change any one you can change immediately.

So if you are wondering how to check npower shortlist, the list is not yet out so you can relax for a while and keep waiting.

For now just know that no npower list is out and the link is fake.

Please share this post massively so that people will be aware and not fall for these scammers. Use the links below:

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